Amanda Gielen

KURS – Groceries App

Name KURS. Derived from the French word for "groceries", "courses".
Type Android app
Context I designed this app when I participated in a 36 hour-long Hackathon in Brussels, organised by Be-Wan in March 2015, with the aim to create an app that would be useful for people with disabilities. My three other team mates developed the prototype.
Goal KURS' aim is to be helpful for disabled people in three ways.
1. By allowing people to easily make shopping lists. These lists can be saved, edited and shared with other people (for example, if one is too heavily disabled to go do groceries by themselves, they can make the list for someone else).
  Lists that are saved can be attached to an NFC badge. So that if I have an NFC badge in my pantry, and scan it with my phone, it will automatically load the corresponding saved list with items that are in my pantry, so I can easily restock it.
2. By making it easy to find and choose a supermarket based on how far it is, whether it is open, and whether it is wheelchair accessible or accepts guide dogs.
3. By allowing a person inside the supermarket to direct themselves in the alleys, by mapping the most efficient route and telling the person where which list items are. (This would have to be done in partnership with a supermarket chain.)